Wednesday, December 9, 2015

S.e.i.~ Onesie with Tumble Dye!

Hi guys!!
I have a post up for S.e.i. and I would love for you to head on over to the 
blog and see all the details~
I'm using Tumble Dye by S.e.i., this time on a Onesie ~

The Corrugated Pillow Box  by S.e.i. is a fun way to wrap the gift. 
 Check out the bow details, don't throw anything away :)

Thanks for stopping by~


  1. Olá Connie,quero trocar cartão de natal com você posso? Beijo.Valéria.

  2. oooo tie dye. I always loved that look and yours looks terrific. Great idea.

  3. Wonderful project Connie! So cute; and really easy! but yet a 'custom' gift: ) I like the pillow box and how clever of you to re-use the bow backing! Great ideas~ Karen O


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