Friday, July 31, 2015

gone junkin' Friday~

Hi guys!
This is what I found a few weeks ago ~
right in my neck of the woods too!

 Loved this ~ old school book  $3
copyright 1949

 child's Aluminium cup $2
horse side 

elephant side

clown side 

 old latch $5
old hinge $1.25
(I have a thing for old hardware)

 glass knobs (7) $35.
$5 each ~ not a bad price.
Last one I priced was $10. for one.

old enamel lid 8" ~ $2.25
Cute to stick kitchen scissors in the lid handle.
Like this~

and this~

Thanks for stopping by~
See ya soon.


  1. Love love love your finds and LOVING what you did with those enamel lids!!!!!!

  2. I always enjoy your "junkin'" finds!! They just remind me that it's been too long since I've been on the hunt myself!! As for the chippy lid---love what you did with it. I also like a collection of them just hanging on the wall!

  3. You always get the best stuff and that pot lid - omg. Swoon.

  4. The book is my favorite, no surprise there! Love the "scissors holder"! How do you think of this stuff!!!


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