Monday, July 13, 2015

Junkin' from Marilyn~she blew me away!

Good late morning:)
I promised junkin' for this week so here we go~
Some much loved items, that were passed to me, from a life long friend of the family~
really, she is much more than that:)

The awesome things I'm going to show you were given to me so I have no dollar
 amount to put on these.  They are Price-less!
Old vintage photo album
I would like to take pictures of the wildlife and put them in this album. It is amazing.

It has a few distant family photos in it, she even labeled the names of the people
 that were told to her.

The pages have gorgeous gold flowers on them. 

A box of Rubens Crayola's with the color book that came
 with it. Yes, she kept everything:)  Caught my eye. It is in great condition!

Inside the color box. It looks like she or he was partial to yellow, orange and red:)

I had to pick up my jaw when she gave me this~it is stunning.
Looks amazing in my kitchen.
Old Tobacco Tin

Full of vintage buttons~made my heart sing:)
Out of all the awesome things she shared we me, the very last thing sits on my desk and it reminds me of when I was a kid.  It reminds me of the care this couple put into my sister and brother.  They were there through the good times and the hard times.  She is an amazing friend to my mom and it means the world to me.  
I love you Marilyn!!!

If this ashtray could only talk~the stories it would tell:)
More to come on
see you tomorrow!


  1. Wow! Marilyn loves you and knows you so well!!!! Great choice for a friend Ms. Edna!

  2. Wow wow wow!! These are ALL AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh Connie! I had to pop over and tell you that you are super awesome cool too for sending me that really awesome hinge! I have been coveting those! Such treasures in this post! Really dig that crayon box! Hugs!

  4. Such great treasures.
    I love the photo album… special.

  5. oooooo swooning here. You find the coolest stuff always.

  6. that is very beautiful photo album..!


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