Friday, June 26, 2015

gone junkin' Friday~

Hi guys!!
Got lots to show you, so here we go~
I found these items at a high priced Antique Show in our area.  There was one booth that was packed full of little items, that were cheap!  Stuff like keys, typewriter keys, children's alphabet blocks, small stamps and tons of game pieces.  I had a blast going through everything. This is what made it to the car~

 Glass  Alka-Seltzer bottle ~ $2
I have buttons in it.

 So happy to find this~the biggest Floral Frog I have . 6" size of a saucer
They had $16 on it and I got it for $14

 The keys were .50 each. I love the flat kind, great for metal stamping.
The typewriter keys were .50 each.  They had trays and trays!

 This was a cute find.  The 6 (on the L) was $1 and the 666666 (on the R) was 
$2.  They stamp good, just need to be inked up heavy and stamped on a flat surface.

They had buckets of these Alphabet Blocks~all sizes and you could tell some where really 
old and some where not. They  were .50 each.
I got the initials of my new great nephews. 
I have four more junkin' posts ~ all really cool stuff.  So stay tuned~
Thanks for going junkin' with me~
We got the good deals today:)


  1. I haven't been junkin' for months now. I'll be decorating 2 apartments for my granddaughters in August, so I just might need to make a trip or two! Love your finds!

  2. You always find the best stuff. I'm drooling!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh loving all these goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. very cool haul!!! I was thinking of going "junking" tomorrow for a mixed media project I am working on...I hope I can find some goodies, too!

  5. Fun finds, I like the little dish those keys are sitting on.


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