Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Try It Tuesday~ Watermelons, again!

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All you need to create this cute watermelon refrigerator magnet is~
Brazil nuts (in the shell)
Acrylic paint ( red, black, white and green)
Paint sealer or Varnish
Hot glue

Our area is known for delicious watermelons, so I kinda have a thing for
 watermelon decor in the Summer:)
  This is a simple project perfect for kids~
* Locate the nuts:) ~
this is where I got mine.

* Paint a line of green on the bottom front.
* Paint the red next. 
* Add a white scribble line between the green and red.
* Use a small rd #2 to make the black seeds.
* Varnish, let dry.
* Hot glue magnet to the back.
This is one of my kid crafts for this summer. (I will be operating the hot glue gun:)
Kinda of cute:)
Sweet little gifts for the "little people" to give out, that have a purpose:)

Thanks for stopping by~
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