Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Try It Tuesday ~ Create a Vignette!

Hi guys!
I ordered the May Magpie Kit from JBS Mercantile.  I loved it and wanted
 to show how easy it is to make a little vignette to display the vintage goodies.

I used a vintage pan ~

I added some "kraft grass" for lack of a better word and then started to
 arrange the contents of the box into the vintage (chicken feeder, angel food pan, ?) pan.
  The bird nest fit perfectly in the center.

The contents of the Magpie Kit made this easy ~ so many cool vintage pieces.

Check out the sweet Mother Heart Charm ~ love that!

I added the egg and the "6" ~ cause I love them both:)

So give it a Try~
Collect some awesome "things" and make a vignette.
Thanks for stopping by for 
See ya soon~


  1. What a lovely collection of goodies

  2. So neat (especially the pan holding everything-we had those at work-for ice rings!)

  3. Very cooool!! Love all your vignettes. Those goodies are awesome.

  4. If you ever feel like coming NORTH,
    you are welcome at my place to help me arrange and decorate -
    cause I LOVE what you do!!

    My friends ask me to come to their places for the same reason and now I GET IT !!

  5. I love how you shared your newest pretty goodies :)

  6. Fantastic staging and photography. What fun goodies!

  7. Just popped over from Suzanne, who gave you a mention! I like your mix of bright colours and yet faded neutrals.


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