Monday, January 6, 2014

Cards with Els ( Elizabeth Craft Designs) ~

Hi guys!!!
I have some cards to share.  I took a class at Craft Crossing with Els van de Burgt, designer, artist author, teacher, and the owner of Elizabeth Craft Designs.  It was so fun!!!! Els is amazing!!!!

I learned some Copic technique's which came in handy:):) and all kinds of ways to use her stickers.

I loved this design~
We also did Christmas cards~
I still have a couple to finish up:):)

This was two classes. Hoping Els comes back to Texas and Craft Crossing~
and I did send all of these cards out~
Did you get one?
See ya soon~


  1. I did! I did!!! And I loved mine!!! These are all GORGEOUS! WOW!!!!!!

  2. ooo beautiful cards. looks like an awesome class!

  3. These are all so beautiful!

  4. Ooo, so pretty Connie! Look at all of that color and sparkle. :)

  5. Gorgeous! Love the sparkle and shine. Happy New Year!

  6. We LOVED our blue one on the bottom. With the snowflake mittens. THANKS!

  7. Beautiful cards, Connie. What inspiration to get started on for next year.

  8. Beautiful cards! Those must've been some awesome classes. Sounds like so much fun!

  9. These are so pretty!!! Sounds like a fun class! :) Evie

  10. What a wonderful collection.

  11. wow you have been having some fun.. look at all those amazing cards.. i love them all..


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