Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Try It Tuesday~wine bottle corks!

Hi guys!!!
I can't say I have collected these wine corks, I can't say I have saved that many from drinking the wine:):) but I can say I bought them, and not a junkin' buy either.  
Would you believe Hobby Lobby? Yes I found them there and couldn't wait to create with them.

I made some little stamps from them.  Not an original idea but fun!!!

I started with some text bubbles from Studio Calico ( just using what I have) and hot glued one to the bottom of a cork.  I pressed it down on the counter, so as the glue cooled it would adhere flat.

 I tried them out~
They worked great, just make sure you are stamping on a flat surface.  I put my cards on a board and then stamped.

So many ideas on how to make these.  You could use foam to cut out a fun shape. These would be great to make with children too.  Let me know if you make some:):)
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Pop-ping the cork with Elle's Studio
see ya soon~


  1. What an awesome idea!!!!! A friend of mine gave me a bunch of these ... PINNING this so I can try it too!!!!!

  2. ooooo and to think - i toss my corks. well snap. lol!

  3. Super creative idea! Love those cards too!

  4. So cool and creative, Connie! I think I need to start saving some corks. :)

  5. What a great idea, I have some of these little bubbles, and I have birds, butterflies and some other ones that are wooden. Fantastic idea.
    Thanks for sharing Connie. :D

  6. Hobby Lobby is selling wine corks? What a clever idea you had.


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