Monday, April 15, 2013

Junkin' outside of Texas~

Hi guys~I'm back from vacation and this is my bag full of junkin' goodies:):):)  I think I'm getting too picky this was it, this bag.    Anyway here we go, you'll have to let me know if you think this is good junk.

Bingo cards and a bunch of printer's blocks with my favorite no.#5 on them.  I paid $2 for the bingo cards and  $3-$5 for the printer's blocks.  The larger one below was $6.

The large safety pins {hard to find}  I paid $2-$5 for each~ I found four of them!!!

I loved the button card {$1} and the milk caps.25 each.  

Here is a group photo of everything displayed in a  vintage wooden {desk} organizing tray (pd $7) .  These are great to put inside a drawer for embellishments.  Found two floral frogs, a large spool with green thread and a small green crock.  Those were all under $2.
I love nature items too~I found those speckled eggs 12 for $4.  You'll be seeing those again too.  

I paid $1 for this tag.  Very unique and beautiful. I think it will look perfect on a layout:)

I saw this clip and thought it was very unique.  I paid $8 for it.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it but you will see it again:):)
Well you see what I mean, I'm getting to picky!!!  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you tomorrow for Try It Tuesday { I'm going junkin' again}!!!!


  1. Ohhhhh.wht a lovely lot of treasure...Like that last mind is racing thinking of things to do with it...teehee

    Picked up a few thrift shop finds again...a spool of thread and some lace for 15 cents each...Yay

    We are thinking of downsizing so DH would get annoyed if I brought home any real treasures at the mo...teehee

  2. I think you had some great finds. Can't wait to see the layouts you make.

  3. Looks like some awesome finds. I can't wait to see what u create with all of them'

  4. Connie, I love seeing what you find! It would probably be easier to just say I loved all the things you got! I think you scored BIG on those printer blocks!!! Love that wooden tray, and those big safety pins (going to be neat in a project!) And that tag is awesome, and I have never seen a clip like that, so cool! I'm in search for a flower frog like the ones you found, can't wait to do some garage sales soon!!! Good luck on your next junking trip!

  5. oooooo awesome goodies. I can never find anything like that - although I have to admit I did find bottle caps and shipping bills for PA RR for Edison light company.

  6. wow you really do find fun stuff.. I love it all.. great finds..

  7. Fab goodies! You know that I just love those number 5's. :)

  8. No, I don't think your too picky, just sensible:-) Love all your little treasures...I'd have all of them in my bag too.

  9. I think you have yourself some pretty cool finds there, Connie!

  10. I always look forward to seeing your junkin treasures. Awesome finds!

  11. Whaaaat?! These are GREAT! Jeepers - the prices are good where you are - the East Coast is $$$$


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