Friday, April 26, 2013

Organizing FUNdamentals ~ part 2

My work table ~ I’m inspired by just looking at this beauty!!!  I was told it was an infant examining table, pretty cool.  I keep most of the punches I use the in the drawer on the left.   The shelve on the bottom hold the supplies I use the most.   

I love to use vintage tool chests, old divided boxes, crates that are primitive in style. Really gets my heart to pattering!!!  I store ephemera of all kinds in these also paints, ink, and adhesive.
Here are some close up of things, in my room, that help me stay organized but inspired!!!  

This sweet angel holds my mists, alcohol inks, distress inks and more.  I use the large safety pins to group washi tape together by manufacture because that is the way I organize my supplies.

These little shoes just speak to me; they hold twine, brushes, small spoons things I use when I create!

I love to cluster vintage items: that is what I did here.  I used three vintage metal drawers and clustered them together holding items that I use to create with.  The little creamers are holding feathers, Q-tips and the large safety pins, that I love creating with!  Items: courtesy of Jenni Bowlin Studio (

Last is style and design: I love creating things that represent my style.  The bottle is an old ink bottle sample {that salesmen would show potential customers} now that is inspiring to me!!!

 I can’t bring this to a close without acknowledging Jenni Bowlin ( .   She has been a huge influence on my creative style.  I took her class re-purpose, re-think, re-invent in 2009 through Big Picture Classes.  I realized we were kindred spirits and that we loved the same things.  Items that I had collected over the years came out of the cabinets and I started using them in my daily life and in my crafty space.   I started junkin’ again and remembered how much I loved it ~ I don’t remember why I stopped.
I would like to thank Wendy and Aly for inviting me to be a guest in their Organizing FUNdamentals  classs.  I have enjoyed it very much.   I have more photos posted on my blog (   By: C. Mercer

I hope you will visit my studio page and I welcome questions. I will either answer back in the comments section or {if I have several questions} I will do a blog post answering the questions that inquiring minds want to know.
I have a prize package ready to send out~so leave a question or a comment and your name will go in for the prize package. hint, hint **** one of the prizes is a floral frog .
I'll announce the winner on Try It Tuesday~


  1. I've really enjoyed getting a look into your creative space, Connie!

  2. Hey there! Forgive me if I'm wrong, but don't you collect the number 5? I have one for you if so, it's from a telephone scounge at the side of the road in upstate NY.

    Loved your infant examining table and loved your tour of your studio!

    Let me know!

  3. OH wow. Your room is absolutely even more amazing. So many hidden treasures.

  4. Super gorgeous space. I love that sweet angel!

  5. Thanks for Sharing Connie - makes me inspired to do more with my scrappy place to make it mine

  6. I love the color of your desk. Your studio looks fantastic.

  7. I can see a visit would require a whole lot of looking!!!

  8. I absolutely LOVE your room...No wonder you are always so inspired. You have such beautiful things alll around you.

  9. Oh my goodness your space is to die for Connie! I love everything about it!

  10. I just read your little thing about Jenni after looking at your post yet again. (I spy something different every time I look at it)...anyway. My thought exactly on Jenni. I used alot of things anyway, but when I started "stalking" her I pulled out so many more things and she has been so inspiring in my scrapbooking as well as in my organizing my room to decorating my home. I just love her!! Thanks for shaing all this Connie...It has been so fun to tour your creative space!

  11. Connie, thanks again for your time and photos of your studio. I left some comments in the OrganizingFUNdaments blog, but just noticed a couple more things here... I too had stored buttons, fibers, etc in wine glasses. I had one paper rack (3 sections) that housed ONLY purple items (my favorite color). When I found a few purple wine glasses at the dollar store I brought them home and filled them with small goodies. Also, I love that you have your father's music stand... Iplayed 13 instruments in school but didn't follow through with minoring in music...stuck with marine biology. Thirdly, I love that you have a mail box in your room. My Maternal Grandfather delivered the mail via covered wagon. I have a photo of him beside his horses and wagon in the snow... My father worked in the post office in the Army then worked out of our home town office until he retired. My mother was a substitute carrier for a while... small world!

  12. Thanks for sharing pictures of your workspace on your blog and for your time with us at Organizing FUNdamentals tonight. Love looking at all the eye candy in your studio and getting inspired to re-purpose, looking at things with "new eyes."

    Another Connie.


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