Thursday, April 25, 2013

Organizing FUNdamentals ~ part 1

If you love vintage and love to be organized you are in the right place.  I’m Connie Mercer and I’m thrilled to be sharing my crafty space with you today.   I’m always on the lookout for vintage storage that will inspire me when I craft.   I have been a “junker”  all my life and have been told I have a good eye but really I just pick up stuff that inspire me.   It is that easy~
I want to be the best I can be and I feel like surrounding myself with items that inspire me is a good place to start.  My home is vintage and I craft vintage so it just made sense to me to bring my vintage inspiration into my work area ~ so I did!  By doing this it helped define my style as a designer.
I’m going to take you around my room and then show you some close up photos that will show you some ideas for organizing, using vintage containers and style for inspiration.  Keep in mind this is what inspires me, you would want to surround yourself with items that inspire you.  OK let’s get started~
Close up photo of ribbon storage.  I wrap ribbon and or twine onto old spools and put them in large glass jars.  I also use Cigar boxes {which remind me of my grandfather} to hold clips and miscellaneous items.  

My stamp sets are stored on shelves along the side of the wall.  I use old clothes hangers to showcase a scrapbooking page which makes me happy! 
This is a favorite area; it shows my props and photographing area.   I also use a vintage dish drainer to hold books that I use in photographing my projects.
The wooden stand {on your left} was built by my brother-in-law, to hold my cardstock.  The enamel top cabinet was given to me a by a good friend, that knows my love for vintage.  I use this piece to store tools such as paper trimmers and extra photo’s.   The five wall represents my five grandchildren that inspire me every day!!!
My brother-in-law made this too, pretty impressive!!!

These are old canning jars that I put Prima flowers in. I sorted them by colors.  The gum ball machine was my boy,s, I put large buttons in it that I don’t use very often.   In the corner you can see a old beverage bottle I have put dew drops in.  I love the graphics on the bottle.

My computer desk and vintage family photos on the shelf ~ my people inspire me!

The old lamp shade displays ephemera perfectly.
Part 2 will run Friday~
It is my turn on Vintage Street Market today.  Here is a sneak peek, hoping you will take a look at the finished project. 
I hope you will visit my studio page and I welcome questions. I will either answer back in the comments section or {if I have several questions} I will do a blog post answering the questions that inquiring minds want to know.
I have a prize package ready to send out~so leave a question or a comment and your name will go in for the prize package. hint, hint **** one of the prizes is a floral frog .
I'll announce the winner on Try It Tuesday~


  1. I've been a fan and follower of you for a while. I always look forward to seeing your inspiring! Thank you for showing your workspace. One question I have is how do you keep everything dusted? I know... That has nothing to do with crafting maybe...but for me, I also love displaying things that inspire me but find it hard to have time to craft, work a full time job, keep up the house and yard and keep all my 'inspirations' dusted. :-) Thanks again...can't wait for your next post.

  2. connie your space is just so totally awesome- it has just a warm and comforting feeling to it! awesome

  3. *Sigh* I wanna come play at your house!!!! What a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous crafty space you have Connie!!! I loveeeeeeeee how you incorporate all the vintage goodies!!!

  4. You know that I just loooove your number 5 collection!

  5. OH WOW! I can see how you'd be inspired. How do you ever leave that room??? LOL. How long did it take to evolve to this perfection and is it still evolving? and do you ever get rid of anything in the evolution process? *gasp*

  6. Oh I love your room Connie...You are a woman after my own heart...Love all the vintage. Love the way you put the things on the lamp shade. I might have to steal that idea...Thanks for sharing!! So inspiring!

  7. You have such a cozy, wonderful space, Connie! You can just feel the love that has gone into choosing, and using, every piece.

  8. @ Shawna My room is treated like any other room in the house, when it needs to be dusted I do it and that is a good opportunity to change things up again :):):) gets me inspired again:):) cm

  9. @ Lynn yes it is a work in progress, I'm always looks for better storage {that is vintage} My goal is to get all plastic bins out and replace with wood crates for paper storage. I found an old Sprite crate that was awesome, had it all pictured in my mind with casters on the bottom, to roll around with my 12x12 paper and then the guy tells me it is very rare and he wants *****wait for it**** $100. so I'm still looking. That is half the fun is the hunt!!! cm

  10. What an amazing craft space you have!

  11. Hi Connie; I'm new to your site and I'm so happy that I stumbled upon it! I too love vintage things and love "junking". I love your craft space - its so inviting. Being surrounded by all the things you love and that inspire you is just wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win!!! Alice Z -

  12. so many good ideas in your studio! thank you for giving me a peek.

  13. OH MY!!! That is one impressive studio!!!!

  14. Oh girlie, do you have any idea just how fortunate you are to have this dedicated space just for you? I'm jealous and would love to come over and play.

  15. I am awed by your creative space. It is both organized and pretty!

  16. Wow, I love your crafty space. You are very lucky. Love looking at all the organizational items you are showing.


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