Friday, February 8, 2013

Remember this~junkin' post!!!!

 Hi guys~I've had Internet problems of the worst kind~hopefully it is fixed!!!!
I picked these pieces up in different places and at different times. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I did want to make a cloche.  Not sure if the glass dome is a candle holder but I turned it upside down and glued ( Helmar's Craft Glue) a vintage drawer pull to the top~making it a cloche!!

The pottery dish I found in Indiana at a resale shop. Love the blue floral pattern.  The pool ball showcasing my favorite number "5" is sitting on a small birds nest I found blowing around in our yard.  It fit perfect in the bottom of the pottery bowl!

See ya soon!! Spurs are playing tonight ~whoop!!! Go Spurs Go!!!!


  1. Great idea Connie. I see you've added another number 5 treasure. Love it!!

  2. Love love love love!!!! You always find the most awesome '5's!"

  3. Wonderful what you did with all your "junkin" finds. I also love the Ledger behind the piece. I'm going to be looking for one that is filled up with old writing and turn it into a ..... LOL

  4. Hope you don't have any more internet problems, they are so irritating! Lovely little project, how fun!


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