Thursday, February 21, 2013

New lady in town~

Found her at Hobby Lobby~isn't she a beauty!!!  I have her all loaded up with my mists and inks,  She sits on my painting table ~so perfect!!!!

Love the green paint and distressing!!! She was $79 but I got her 50% off, but truth be known~I would have paid the $79:):):) Yep, just tellin' it like I see it!

Plenty of room for more paints and inks too!!!
Must name her~any suggestions?

 Just wanted to share her with you!!!! Tomorrow junkin' finds!!!
Craft Crossing class this Saturday @ 10:00am.
JBS has a new game on the forum. Check it out HERE.
Darkroom Door has launched their new product. Check it out HERE.
Next week a bunch of my work will be posting for JBS, Darkroom Door, Avocado Arts and Vintage Street Market!!! 
Have a good one~see ya soon!!!


  1. That is totally cool! Your inks look great on her, too!

  2. Oh I think she's lovely, she'll bring a smile to your face often

  3. nice find! Don't you just love Hobby Lobby?

  4. That is soooo cool. I never see stuff like that there. LOL! She looks like a Maggie.

  5. oh my word this is so awesome..girl you find the coolest things...

  6. So perfect for you, Connie! You find such cool things everywhere you go. :)

  7. Always fun to see crafty storage ideas :)

  8. Oh yea I am loving her-fabulous sweetie- I like a perfect Patti

  9. oooooh..... she is fabulous!

  10. She is AWESOME! Love that she's guarding over your mists. You must smile everytime you look at them/her!

  11. She is gorgeous! You always find the coolest things!!!


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