Friday, June 1, 2018

June 1st ~ that's today!!!!

Hi guys!!
Today is the day Take Ten's Summer Edition by Stampington & Co. is
available to purchase. I got mine, all 6 issues!!!!!
 Why so many you ask? 
This might have a little something to do with it~

The beautiful card is not mine but I am the guest artist!!  This was such a neat surprise 
(that I had to keep to myself) !!! So glad I can share it now~

These were done with the Succulent set by Darkroom Door.  
Love this set!! I want to use it for everything.

Told you~
Using vintage dictionary paper and the Succulent Stamp set, sure
 does make a pretty card.
I will be sharing more next week, of the other cards, that were published. 
Thanks for understanding !


  1. Incredible! I admire you and your art. In the middle of life happening you are constant with your art. Awesome and Congratulations!

  2. HUGE CONGRATS!!! That is AMAZING!!!!! I am LOVING these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow!! How awesome! And how fun to have your name on the cover! Congrats! Love your projects!!

  4. Oh my Goodness Connie thats awesome!! Congrats - your cards are always so nice.


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