Monday, February 27, 2017

Darkroom Door Border Stamps ~ storage idea!

Hi guys!
I have some of the new border stamps by Darkroom Door and I wanted to show you how I prepared them for storage.  They are about 2" wide and 12" long.  That is a long stamp. I was worried about stamping with a stamp that long, if it would leave gaps in the image but it didn't.  
Here is how I'm storing them~

I bought 9" x 15" size laminating sheets.  I was able to laminate the paper product label putting two to a sheet.  Once the label was laminated I cut the sheet in half.  The rubber stamp sticks to the back of the laminated product label. Easy to use, just peel the stamp off ,  clean and adhere back to the laminated product label. 

 They have six new border stamps. You can find them here at
There is a video that Rachel (owner and artist) did using the stamps. You can find that here at Darkroom Door Border Stamps video.
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 my project I created will be blogged :)
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  1. ooooo clever and they look interesting. can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. Great idea, Connie! My sister did this with all her unmounted singles and I love the idea of keeping the long DD border stamps like this.


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