Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Try it Tuesday~a re-purposed yard rack!

Hi guys!
My hubby brought this in and it needed some TLC.  I cleaned it up, re-painted
 and then decorated it up for my back door:)

Looks big but it is not. I think it is out of a children's set of yard tools.

It was wobbly and rusty but not anymore.  Nothing some paint and glue won't fix.

 Added some pretties and it is ready for the back door.  Love doing 
quick little projects like this.

Wrapped twine around the top of the handle for a door hanger.  I think it would be really
 cute wired on a wreath also, with flowers all around it.   When I do these quick projects I use what I have on hand. Adds to the fun!!

Happy Summer :)
Thanks for stopping by~


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