Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Try It Tuesday~ more organizing, this time red rubber stamps!

Hi guys!
Been awhile hasn't it ~
Thanks for joining me~
I saw this really cool post  on Stamping Mathilda a long time ago,
 but I never forgot it.
Since I re-painted my creative space I have been organizing and clearing out.  Anyway that is what led me back to this~ laminating the information or graphic sheet,that comes with the stamp, and sticking the red rubber stamp on the back.  It look great and so easy to grab and use. Let me show you ( I even have a really cute helper, too)

I had quite a few to laminate, so I got a helper :)

He separated the stamp from the image sheet.  He really loved the Butterfly.
 We did that one first!

The stamp clings to the back of the card that has been laminated. 

The background stamps by Darkroom Door are large and heavy.  I few of them fall off the back:(
Only a few though, 2 to be exact. I can live with 2 not complying. 

I put all the smalls in the sorter box. Works great.
The machine was on sale at Office Depot and the laminating pouches are not that pricey. 
I have also done other stamps and it works the same.  Still not finished.
 Need to get my helper back over.
Thanks Godelieve for the inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by~


  1. Wow! What a great helper and great idea. Love those stamps.

  2. Your stamp storage looks really handy Connie! Thanks for linking back to my blogpost.
    You are so well organized! Your room looks great. And what a fantastic helper you have!

  3. What a great idea! I love this! And he is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Girl, you are so clever! How WoNdErFuL to be able to see the image clearly, as you 'flip' through the stack! I have mostly clear stamps; on Plexiglas sheets, but need to incorporate this idea! You can SEE what you have @ quick glance. Soo cool Connie~ Karen O


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