Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Try It Tuesday~ a gift and a find!

Hi guys!
I have a couple of cool things to share ~one was a gift and the other a find.
Let me start with the gift~

Tones Bros. Des Moines, Iowa
I'm still thinking on this one. The lid is the best part:)
I love the idea of flowers, but that won't show off the lid. so I'm still thinking on this~
Remember this cupcake holder I found in Indiana~

I'm using it to hold my glitter.  Sometimes the glitter would get knocked over and land
 on the floor, so I'm hoping this will solve that problem.

The glitter still shines in the old salt & pepper containers.
  Small glass jars are ONE of my weaknesses:) 

I can always find a way to use cool items.  This is plastic and very retro
 looking to me.
I paid $5.
Thanks for stopping by for Try It Tuesday~


  1. You always find the coolest things

  2. What an awesome idea to store your glitter!! I LOVE IT!! And loving that tin too!!!!!! Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Loving the glitter dome - I thought it was ceramic not plastic. Cute!!

  4. Girl! Oh My Word! Love the coffee can & lid; and I await your clever idea for the lid!! (I have several old Ball Jar lids that need a display idea : ) LOL
    And the glitter department is one-of-a-kind amazing! Thanks for sharing~ Karen O

  5. Awesome idea!! Love, love this idea Connie. I have mine on a tin but I like your idea because you can see all of them. I have to always take everything out of my tin holder. Thanks for sharing.


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