Sunday, January 17, 2016

Craft Crossing~6 year Anniversary!!!

Hi guys!
Today Craft Crossing in Gonzales, Texas is celebrating 6 years in business.  Pam is running so many great sales and make-in-takes today.  She has posted some of them on
 her face book page HERE.
Give her a follow while you are there, she would love that!!
I'm sure she would be happy to mail out if you see something you would like:)
Here information is HERE on the blog

I think it would be neat to add the next number every year :)
Anyway this is what I call a Junk Necklace.  Really easy to make just put some of your cool junkin' finds on a necklace~done:)
Have a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!
See ya soon~


  1. CONGRATS to them for 6 years!! LOVING that necklace, so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well you are just to smart my friend! Love the inspiration you always bring Connie! Thanks for sharing~ Karen O

  3. oooo another great idea. love the photo and how you showcased it. and Congrats to them!!


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