Thursday, October 1, 2015

Junkin' finds along the way~

Hi guys!
I have some junkin' to share with you. We have been to Florida, home and then
 Indiana, so here is what I found along the way.

All crazed and crackled, showing the love someone had
 for it ~ $3 was a bargain. 

Trouser hangers ~ $6. for five.
Nice to hang a scrapbook page from.  I think I'm going to paint the tops on these~
I'll share later when they are done:)

Vintage pop corn bags ~  *** FREE****
Just kinda of cool looking.  I keep seeing a banner :)

Cowboy book ~ 1950 
$5 (would have paid more too)

Double hands dish ~ $6
I have already used this several times. It is gorgeous !!!
I still have two more junkin' posts to share, so hang around :)
See ya soon~


  1. Oh, I started picking up creamers while junking too - I told myself that they would have to be under $1, but I didn't stick to it for long. Some of the smallest ones can be quite pricey. This reminds me I need to photograph them as a collection. And that book reminds me of ones my hubby has from his childhood. Great finds.

  2. Love your finds---as always! I haven't been junkin' in awhile. Can't wait to see the banner. Free is the best!!

  3. oooooooo love your finds. can't wait to see!!!!


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