Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 2015 ~ OLW!

My One Little Word for 2015 is

I have a problem, I want to do it all.  I very rarely say "no" ~ Let
 me know when an enough is enough, FOR ME!!!
My special news is I'm on 
Quick Quotes DT for 2015!!!
I love their Powder Puff inks!!! So does my grandson, he plays with them like cars:):)

Have a great New Year!!!!
If you missed it, here is my Best of 2014 post!


  1. Great word!! I don't have one yet. I haven't done OLW for a couple of years.

  2. AMAZING OLW!!! I love it!!!!!!!! And CONGRATS on the DT!! That is AWESOME!!!! Headed to the antique store today with my gift certificate from the in-laws!! YAY!!!!!

  3. Way To go Connie! Great news, have fun with it!!!!

  4. It's hard to say no sometimes, isn't it? Hold strong and you can do it. :) Congrats on the new DT. Can't wait to see what you create!

  5. Great word and congrats on the new DT!

  6. Congratulations Connie! What a great word for the year

  7. Can't wait to see what you do with Quick Quotes Connie! Great word, too!

  8. Great choice of words, I can certainly relate.

  9. What a great word choice! And big congrats on your new DT!


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