Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Try It Tuesday~Peanut cup with The Curtsey Boutique!

Hi guys!!
I have a fun tutorial I did for The Curtsey Boutique some time ago. 
 It is for the guys in the family:).
Fabric Stiffener (Helmar)
Vintage label
Jar of Peanuts
burlap bags
wooden scoop
empty water bottle

Project Instructions:
1.   Remove the tie cord from the burlap bag.
2.   Put an empty plastic water bottle into the burlap bag.

3.       Apply the fabric stiffener to the burlap bag.   I used a large paint brush.
4.   After the bag is really saturated with the fabric stiffener, sit it down until it is standing on it’s own.
5.       Let it dry.  It took mine about 4 hours to be completely dry.

6.       Cut off the top of the plastic bottle with a box cutter.
7.       Decorate the front and add the twine.
8.       When you are ready to serve or give as a gift insert the wooden scoop with peanuts!!
9.       Super cute!!! Dad will love it!!!! His own Peanut Cup!

The burlap bags can be found on The Curtsey Boutique's Etsy Shop.
Thanks for stopping by for ~
Very fun project:)
see ya soon~


  1. I adore burlap its soooo......perfect. Love your projects.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh this is GENIUS!!!! I am SO DOING this!!! Pinning!!!!!!!!!!

  3. what a fun idea.. i totally love it.. thanks for sharing

  4. This is such a cool idea! I love that label!!! :) Evie

  5. Such a fun project, Connie! Now I need to go scrounge for some peanuts in the pantry. :)


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