Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Try It Tuesday~ Stamp Carving!

Hi guys!!
This past weekend all I did was carve stamps.  I did five of them, even made a sore spot on my finger.  I guess it was the way I was holding the Lino cutter, not sure.  It was still so worth it~
I thought I would share my process of coming up with something to carve.
I doodle in my sketch book first
 (sorry, no pic on that) then I go straight to the rubber~

 I then starting carving. Many classes out there on "how to" ~ 

 and here is the card I made with these four.   The camera was kinda of tight to carve. I would like to try that one again or make it a little bigger. The circles around the lens were tough:)  The feather, I'll show later after I work up a card or use it some way.

After I stamped the card, I used a FT marker and outlined the images.
~make the most of every day~
Just  to share ~ 
the pin cushion baby shoe was a **winner***
a " feature"
These are both great places to play along with the fun challenges!
Thanks for stopping by for Try It Tuesday!!!
See ya soon~


  1. I love the camera - if you don't :) lol!!! Love them all you are sooooo talented. you need to do a tutorial.

  2. You always amaze me with the stuff you come up with, Connie! Love these, and the end result on the card. :)

  3. Wow wow wow wow!! These are fabulous!!!! AND CONGRATS too!!!!!!

  4. Parece ser tão fácil de fazer,tenho que tentar.Boa terça amiga.Valéria.

  5. Awesome stamps! I think my fave is the camera!

  6. yay for stamp carving.. these are awesome.. great job


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