Saturday, August 30, 2014


Hi guys!!
I have been organizing again .  I have seen several of these online, people painting
 them ~ kinda caught my eye:)

$18.99 at Harbor Freight 
So I started putting it together

4 trays and a bag of screws, washers and bolts ~ I can do this!!!

Thought I was almost done~ UMMM, there is still 4 parts left!!
These are wrong~ took me about 45 minutes to fix them right :)
almost done:)

Didn't spray paint it, but I will as soon as I get some paint!!
Wasn't so bad after all:)
Cleaned up my desk more too!
Have a great weekend ~ won't be back until Tuesday!!!!


  1. Good going. I go to Harbor Freight a lot with my husband and I am constantly finding things to organizing my space. We use our coupons there a lot. What's funny is husband has enough tape measures we could open our own store. LOL

  2. ooooo this may work for meeee!!! i'll have to check it out.

  3. I've never seen these before. What an awesome little gem to have on your desk. Love it!

  4. I love mine but boy it was a pain to put together! Mine even had a dent so made it a little harder. I did spray paint mine and it looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  5. hey I have one of those.. I keep all my washi tape in mine.. so fun..

  6. What a cool organizer!! I love finding things for my craft space whenever I'm in non-crafty stores.

  7. I've been seeing these pop up on Facebook a lot... so tempting!!

  8. Lol! Looks like trying to put Ikea furniture together! Hope it works out well!

  9. Look at you! Handy and crafty too! :) I would love to do something like this. I'm just wondering if the cat would get into my stuff. LOL!

  10. Cool way to store buttons - I bet it did free up some room.

  11. Yep - LOVE mine!! One of the best things I ever got for my scrap room! :)


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