Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mixed media mini album~

I have been busy wrapping up projects that have been long forgotten.  It feels so good to get them out of que {they were never in que~out of site out of mind, is more like it}.  Anyway another mini album put together and looking cute!!
This was a class with Cheryl Mezzetti {Collins Group, Florida 2012}.  She is a great teacher. Loved listening to her talk. Very cool accent!!!

I know, not the best picture{click on it for larger look}.
The mini has canvas, acrylic and chipboard pages.  We used Viva, Luminarte and Creative Imagination products.

It is getting close to Collin's Group Convention { Houston, TX} again. Can't wait to learn some new techniques.  And the best part of this is I get to go with Pam and Penci from Craft Crossing!!!


  1. So beautiful!! LOVING the colors, the bling and the flowers!!!

  2. That is just stunning. I love the colors and its so vintage. Yum!

  3. This is beautiful! I love the soft colors. And those flowers are gorgeous! A great project!

  4. simply beautiful- love the soft colors

  5. This album is absolutely stunning!

  6. Gorgeous! Fun to see the soft pastel colors from you :)


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