Friday, August 16, 2013

gone junkin' Friday~link us up!!!

Hi guys~ I have something so cool to show you.  It was given to me, but so easily could have been a junkin' find.   So what better time to have
The box is full to the brim of these little vintage flowers.  I don't know the correct name for them, but they are used in making corsages ~ so sweet.  I have already done a project with some of them {can't show yet} but soon.

Last month's shout out goes to Sandi Pressley { thank you for playing along}~check out her cool make over, of the basket she found junkin'~

OK~your turn~


see ya soon~


  1. What a great gift you got!!! LOVING those and can't wait to see what you make!!! Congrats to Sandi too!!

  2. What a great find!!! I love the little leaves and flowers, and the box is cute, too! I wish I could go junking with you, Connie!

  3. What an awesome gift. Love hitchin' a ride with you on your JUNKits. bwahahaha


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