Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Try It Tuesday~junkin' treasures!

Hi guys~I have some more junkin' stuff to show you{I mean treasures:):)} and that they are~check out these sweet ballerina slippers { mom brought these up to me}. Love them{you will see them again}~

And these sweet little doll house rugs $2 each ~ a steal!!! I'm using them when I photograph~

Like this~I paid $4 for this size 3 children's shoe form.  It is not in the best shape but will make a darling photo stand, so you'll see it again:):):)

I really liked the graphics on these flash cards.  They will make a great addition to a scrapbook page for sure!  I paid $1 for this deck of flash cards:)
I have more to show you so stay tuned~
What kind of treasures are you looking for?  
See ya soon~


  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE finds!!!! Why can't I find cool stuff like that!!! Loving them!!

  2. wow more awesome finds.. so fun...

  3. ooooooo what amazing finds. Can't wait to see the outcomes of all of them.

  4. Wonderful finds, Connie. Those ballet shoes, and shoe form, are so sweet!

  5. You have a really good eye. Love the flash cards

  6. I really love those flash cards!


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