Monday, May 13, 2013

Re-Purposing with JBS Mercantile~

Hi guys!! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  I heard from both of my boys and that made me happy!!!
Here is a sneak peek of my work over on JBS Inspiration Blog.  I did three re-purposed items that were in the JBS Mercantile.  Hope you will take a look.  So many fun things to re-purpose in the Mercantile.
See ya tomorrow for Try It Tuesday~you won't want to miss this one.


  1. aww glad you had a great Mother's Day.. Your project looks amazing..headed there now.. :) Happy Monday

  2. well aren't you quite the tease. I shall return. LOL!!! Love the sneaky peek.

  3. This looks wonderful! Popping over to JBS!

  4. Happy you enjoyed your day :)
    This book looks great, hope to see more of it :)


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