Friday, May 31, 2013

Junkin' on the internet~

Hi guys~I've been junkin' on the internet:):) .  I found this site that has the coolest junk and coolest prices:):)  It is a site for dealer's so you have to spend at least $25 ~  no problem!!!   I bought these for my grandson. He collects them, but they sure would make a colorful wind chime. 

I'm a sucker for milk caps, I'll admit it.  I have lots but not any like these.
I love the orange and green, orange and yellow, well all of the colors!!  I keep thinkin' these would be really cool sewed together to make a garland for a Christmas tree.  Just wonder if the needle would go through the milk cap?  hmmmm~ Because I have so many the first three peeps that email me with their addy, I'll send you some.

And flat keys, I can't pass them up.  They are the perfect size for scrapbooking or altered art projects. These were a dollar. The site is HERE
Have a great weekend and I'll see ya soon~


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love it all!! You know I have to check that site!!!

  2. These are great finds! I'll have to check this out.

  3. ooooooooo love your finds. Can't wait to see the projects!

  4. Awesome finds! I'm just starting to build my collection for altered arts projects. So fun! Thank you for the site addy!!

  5. So technically I can go junkin' with you via internet! How cool! LOL!! Going to check it out = FUN!!

  6. Great finds :)
    I love seeing these vintage finds :)
    I'm guessing the milk caps are called for?

  7. How fun are those Mild caps.. great find Connie.. love all the vintage stuff you find..

    Enjoy your weekend..

  8. love your junkin' finds Connie!


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