Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Try It Tuesday~junker post!!

Hi everyone~I've come to know junk is a GOOD thing as Martha would say:):):) I can not take credit for what I'm about to show you but I did put my spin on it.  I saw the original idea at a local craft show and I have seen a version on pinterest~
These are some of the supplies I used.  I also used Viva Inka-Gold to add color to the door knobs, a hot glue gun comes in handy, and fun embellishments.  Mine are by Jenni Bowlin, Vintage Street Market, May Arts and Canvas Corp.  It was hard for me to make them and then show you how with a picture~but I think I can walk through it.
The first thing I did was measure off a good 25 " of wire { a good strong wire} ~ sorry guys that's the best I can do on the wire~no label on what I used.
Then I just looped it three to four times like the photograph shows.
I then made it tight by cinching two of the wires together, so it will hold a picture or note card etc.
Then I took a Jenni Bowlin button (those worked the best) and threaded the wire through the holes.
If the wire hits the bottom of the door knob cut a bit off.  You want the button to sit on top and not move around.  I stuffed felt in the hole to make the wire tight before I hot glued.
I then added some extra color to the door knob using the Inka-Gold. You just put it on with your finger.  I added felt to the bottom because my door knobs were really rusty.
Here is another set. 
I still have four more to make ~I'm going to do these different, maybe Christmas style:):
The Christmas Splendor Blog Hop is through the 17th ( that is Saturday)~to be in for the prize make a comment HERE!!!
Thanks for stopping by today and I'll see ya soon~


  1. Cute, cute, cute. Oh my goodness, I have such a stash of doorknobs in waiting. Love this idea Connie.

  2. What an AWESOME IDEA!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee how yours turned out!!!! FABULOUS!!!

  3. Wow! This is so fun and fabulous and creative. LOVE these!!!

  4. awwww... this is the cutest idea! sooooooo clever and beautiful! thanks for sharing, Connie!
    have a great day :)
    Sylvia xx

  5. What a find!! DH is looking for inexpensive ones at farm sales for me. I love the dressed up blue one.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. HOW awesome they are and they'd make great presents. Love your junkin' and ideas.

  7. These are great! I can see Christmas decor made from these. I might have to go junkin' this weekend.

  8. Awesome, awesome, awesome, Connie! These would make great gifts and holiday decor!

  9. These are so lovely!! I especially love the one with the simple peach bow holding the paper dolls. I wish I was on your Christmas list! :) Evie

  10. Hi Connie, thanks for your visit and follow my blog.

    I love with you do here. Giving me lots of ideas and inspiration. Love the junker stuff.



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