Thursday, January 5, 2012

Remember this~

Remember this~hi everyone, thought I would show what I did with this awesome card file~

It holds all of my Epiphany Crafts tools, re-fills and flowers all in one handy dandy place.
Here's another one ~remember this~

The one on  the left was my grandma's glue and the one on the right is my glue~this is one time I will take new over vintage.  Helmar's 450 Quick Dry is my "go to glue"!!!!
I'm up ove on ScrapStreet's Blog and the Winter Issue was out on the first~hope you have a great day and if you are blog hopping check this out~cool stuff {check out Jan 3rd post} **wink, wink**
See ya soon!!!


  1. I have a "mock" card file and I keep my idea-ology in mine. I'm still looking for the real deal that doesn't cost my life savings. I saw your feature on Craft Gossip on the 3rd. That is way cool. congrats.

  2. ooooo i love that card file! You find the most amazing things.

  3. Loveeeeee it!! Great idea!! :):):):):):):):):):):)


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