Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I was inspired yesterday by Besty Sammarco's blog . I couldn't wait to try it myself.  I don't have the round , percise rocks that she used but I did have a bunch of these. We grow these in Texas!!! I got my rub-ons out and had the best time.

I used some Claudine Hellmuth paint on  the dark rocks so the rub-on would show up better.  I don't use rub-ons much so this was a fun project to put them to good use. Hope you  will give it a try!!! Friday is the Fisk-a-teer "Orange" Blog Hop-so I hope you will stop by!!


  1. oooooo, i love those..I think all your guests that stay at Casa de Belmont should receive one on their pillow....just tooo dang I am going to try these.............sandi

  2. oh my gosh Connie! so beautiful! i love the idea of painting first! I'm going to link you on my blog, too - LOL!

  3. Love the idea! I'm inspired, too. I'll be going rock hunting this weekend.


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