Monday, August 29, 2022

Ring File for One Line Sentiments ~ Tutorial

Hi guys!
I thought of another way to take
the One Line Sentiments by Blue Knight Rubber Stamps
 with you, without the stamps and the ink
  I showed you here  how to make a Folder File for 5
 colors of stamped out One Line Sentiments
 but what about a Ring File out of manila cardstock. 
Brown or black ink would be fab!!

I used 8 manila tags, the One Line Sentiments and Black ink. This
could be done with white cardstock too.

Step #1 ~ To get them all uniform stamp them out using a
stamping platform. 

Step #2 ~ Stamp each One Line Sentiment stamp set in your
choice of paper and ink.  You will have 7 sets. 

Step #3 ~ Add the cover (so stamped sentiments stay clean)
 and add "O" ring to keep them together.  This is just
another way to craft on the go with the
One Line Sentiments by Blue Knight Rubber Stamps.
Thanks for stopping by~

See ya soon!!

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