Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Try It Tuesday ~ my space

Hi guys!
I thought i would share a few pictures of my space I
create in.  I'm blessed to have a room just for creating so
what that means I can start a project and leave it out
until it is completed.  Nothing is messed with!!!
This is an overview from inside the room.  I have three tables clustered
together.  One is for inking and stamping. Two is for painting and three is
cutting and my die cut machine.
This is where I stamp. I stand when I create so this set up
 works well for me.
The back cabinets hold more stamps and office supplies.  The counter is
full of stamps and stencils that I use frequently.  I love to see what I have
to create with!  With that said it does make the room look cluttered but
"it is what it is".  All of like items are stored together.  Paper, adhesive,
stamps, stencils and ink have their own space.   I organize by manufacture.

This is the view when I walk into the room.  The carts are loaded with
die cut dies and more inks, sprays and watercolors.  I keep small
embellishments in the vintage canning jars.  I really love the look!
I also use cigar boxes for storage of clips and ribbon.  I love using
 old things from the past for storage.  That way they can hang out with me.
Just sharing some ideas of how I keep organized, or at least I'm thinking
I'm organized.  

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  1. Fabulous space, Connie! Thanks for sharing it! :o)

  2. What a dream space with so many nooks to ogle over!

  3. It's awesome! I like standing when I create too!


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