Friday, April 27, 2018

Junkin' ~ Box from Utah #1

Hey guys!!
I have some junkin' goodies to share that were sent to me by a special friend.
I had a BLAST going through this BIG box~

She really knows what I like :)

Button tin ~ love the deer!! 

and look at these beauties!!!!!

and more buttons!!

Old vintage keys ~ love them!!

chains ~ I see a junk necklace in my future!!!

coins and heart charm
This is part one of three blog posts on the box from Utah .
Stay tuned~


  1. How cool is that!! I remember the button box, in fact I had my Gram's for a long time and she never sewed but she had one! LOL..

  2. LOVING all those goodies! Can't wait to see what else you got!!!!!

  3. Love your junkin' finds...always. You have a good eye for the unique and the creativity to see a new purpose.


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