Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Try It Tuesday~ junkin'

Hi guys!!
I entered my crafts in the Guadalupe County Fair this weekend (3 blue,7 red and 4 white ) ~ always fun but not sure I agree with the judging :) but there is always next year:).
 So how about some junkin' finds for Try It Tuesday!!

The numbers 5 & 6 ~ the six can be stamped as a 9 also.  very cool!!  
$3.00 each

No name on this hanger but I thought it was really cool to hang art from. 

Child's shoe form ~ I want to add this into a wreath with other vintage finds.

I still love creating with these milk caps~
large milk caps ~ $1.00 each 
small mill caps ~ .25 each

So cute to keep smalls in~

Face cream jar ~ it is small.  I have small sea shells in it :)

small calendar frame ~ $1.00 
medicine vial ~ $1.00   all I need is a small cork for the top.  

Thanks for stopping by~
see ya soon!!!


  1. Such cool junk. I rescued one of those hangers from hubby's aunt's estate sale - someone bought the entire contents of a clothes closet and one hanger was left behind tucked part way under the moulding. I have no idea what to hang from it, so I will be eager to see what you do.

  2. You always manage to find some really awesome things. I haven't been antiquing/junking in quite a while. Your posts always get me inspired!

  3. oooooo totally cool finds. Can't wait to see them in action.

  4. Ohhhhhhhh loving all your finds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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