Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Making a pocket page with Quick Quotes~

Hi, Connie here with a scrapbook pocket page using the Earth Wind Fire collection (released soon) by Quick Quotes. I was asked to keep the memorabilia with the photos, so I came up with this pocket page.

I started with five photos and a bunch of memorabilia from the Indy 500.  One of the brochures was heavy and thick so I needed something that wouldn't pull apart.

1. You will need two pieces of  the same pattern 12 x 12  paper.  Cut the salvage off the bottom.
2. Cut a one inch strip from a coordinating pattern in the collection.  Score down the middle.
3. Adhere strong adhesive on one side of the one inch strip and lay the pattern paper in the slot.  See #2 in collage.
4. Do the other side the same way.  You have made a hinge that won't pull apart. See #6 in collage.
5. Before we make the pocket, go ahead and punch out a one inch half circle, making it easier to pull out the memorabilia in the soon to be pocket page. See #4 in collage.

6. Adhere each side with strong adhesive and clamp.  Let dry and set .
By doing the hinge at the bottom, the pocket page won't come apart even with heavy memorabilia in it.
The front of the pocket holds 5 photos. Two on the outside and three on the inside.

Make the fold up the size you need it, kinda of like a card, folding up to reveal the other photos.  I will have my son journal the event on the white space at the top.

Quick Quote product used:
Earth Wind Fire (to be released soon) : 110, 111, 109 and 101
Whistlin' Dixie chipboard die cuts
Quick Quotes PowderPuff Chalk inks: Light Moss, Coal Miner, Seafoam, Midnight Confession

stickers, twine corner punch and Beacon 1-IN-3 adhesive.

Thanks for stopping by~
Connie Mercer/DT Member


  1. That pocket is sooo cool. Never thought of doing it that way. Love the page and the Indy wow!

  2. What an AWESOME idea! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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