Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Always Yours by S.e.i.

Hi, guys!
It is my turn on S.e.i.
I have a Candy Box makeover with the help of Always Yours by S.e.i., a paper collection that is gorgeous!!  It reminds me of vintage wall paper and I love that.  See what you think~

I started with a candy box from a trip of ours.  I kept it because it reminded me of  vintage candy boxes. The kind that candy was put in when you purchased each candy separately. Those were extra special. Lots of love added to those candies.

I started creating with the Bright paper dollies by S.e.i.  Flowers were cut from the Always Yours collection and added to build a cluster of flowers and ivy.  Bits and pieces from the Always Yours sundries were added also.  The sweet sticker is from the Always Yours page titles. 

I wanted the box to hold some candy and homemade cookies.  I thought it would be a nice touch to add the cookie recipe on the inside of the box lid.

Pretty paper is great place to start when tackling a makeover project and
  Always Yours by S.e.i. was perfect for this makeover.
Thanks for stopping by~


  1. Love love love this! LOVING how you decorated that box!! Ironically, I just altered a huge candy box too! LOL!! I will be sharing it next week!!! HA! Too funny! :)

  2. oooo What a great idea - and you have my address *wink wink*

  3. It's a Super Sweet collection Connie! ( I'm w/you about ppr that looks like vintage wall paper:) And you have used this SO beautifully and creatively!! I truly love projects like this~ Thanks for sharing! Karen O

  4. Clever idea - and I like that part of the original remains.

  5. Que ideia perfeita e bonita,posso copiar? Beijo amiga.Valéria.


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