Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Try It Tuesday~Mixed Media with Cheryl Boglioli!!

Hi guys!!
Thanks for stopping by for Try It Tuesday!
If you keep up with me at all you know I had Cheryl Boglioli at my house for a few days.
  She taught a mixed media class at Craft Crossing.
I want to share with you the two projects I did.
I could really get hooked on this mix media mess :)

Front of  zippered bag.  The background was done using  a Gel Press and Deco Arts paints.
Stencils were involved too:) .  

Back of the bag. 
The next class was a canvas Portfolio.   
Front view~
Stencils, molding paste, Deco Arts paints ~ no Gel Press on this one.
The paints are in spray bottles. Easy to make a background.

Back view~
This is a small tribute to my amazing "6".
Check out Cheryl Boglioli HERE~
If you would like to see the tour of my studio Cheryl did while staying with me~
you can find it on my Studio Page.

Thanks for stopping by~
See ya soon.
(You'll be hearing more about this mixed media stuff)


  1. Love those projects - you rocked the "mixed media mess" love it. LOL. The zippered bag is interesting.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the textures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, MM is quite addictive! What fabulous creations and fun, Connie!

  4. Awesome canvas projects Connie!! (and cute pic of you & Cheryl:) Looks like such a fun creative time. I'm a bit of a 'scare-baby' when it comes to MM; but I think, had I been there, I would have jumped right in! Great work~ Karen O


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