Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Try It Tuesday~kid art!

To try Kid Art you do need willing kids~
Hi guys, welcome to Try It Tuesday featuring Kid Art 
from three of my grands.  Actually we call them the three A's:). They all have
 names that start with A's. 


 Dylusions Ink Sprays~


Pretty good aren't they.  I have had them last month for several (more than several) 
days and we had a great time creating.
We also did some stamp carving, sign painting and journals.  I show you those too!
Oh and cinnamon rolls, yes we did!!!
I love that they love doing crafts with me.  Love them :)
See ya soon~


  1. They ROCKED these projects!! Just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those are super awesome. ...and so are those grands...

  3. Well Gram looks like they have your talent!! They are awesome!


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