Friday, November 21, 2014

Gone Junkin' Friday~ big and small treasures!

Hi guys!!
I have some big and small treasures to share with you.
  First the smalls~

The frog is the smallest one I have in my collection.  I paid $3 for this group.

a " little" stamp ~ so cute and perfect for a"little" in my family :)

This is pretty fabulous!! I paid $20.
Hubby is going to frame it out in old wood and I will hang it next to the board I measure
 ( the grands) on. Have I showed you that?  Very cool!!!
If your a kid and you come to my house you get measured :) 

These were Free!
They are pretty rough but will be great to use them to stamp on or alter.
I will use them some way!!

I pick these up when I find them at a good price.  This one was $1.
I use them on old canning jars ( that is what this is, old lid) ~ 
they are also good for a little dish.

I got these for 50 cents.  I use corks for my small hand carved stamps
 and little perfume bottles.
Have a great weekend!!
See ya soon~


  1. Olá Connie,muita matéria prima você conseguir,já estou imaginando os projetos bonitos que vai fazer.Você pode fazer um tutorial de selos de rolha?Bom fim de semana.Beijo.Valéria.(Brasil).

  2. OMgosh! What great finds! Those photos are amazing - I'd be a chicken to mess with them - can't wait to see what you do and those bottle caps. Love the "little" stamp. Yum.

  3. Ohhhhhhh you got some AMAZING goodies!!!!!!!!

  4. These are all great finds. I love the "little" stamp. You can make anything beautiful again.

  5. I so want to come junking with you, love all these finds. I think you and I are on the same wave length about finding odds and ends.Thanks for sharing Connie

  6. Oh what a wonderful collection! You'll be able to do amazing things with these.

  7. You always find so many fun items :)


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