Thursday, November 13, 2014

Did You Know about this? ~ Ranger ink.

Hi guys!
Did you know about this?  At Ranger ink you  can print these charts and get organized as to what you have and what you would like to get.  I did mine and decided I want it all :)

First I printed out the charts~ Archival Ink, Distress Inks and 
Wendy Vecchi Archival inks ( my favorite).  I have linked them for you,
so you can get organized too!

Then I printed out the labels for the inks ~

I feel so organized :) and I need to go shopping so I can 
complete my charts !!!!
 See ya soon~


  1. Great idea but I don't tend to get that much ink and use mine up so as not to keep it as well! Great idea otherwise, and for others. TFS!

  2. oooo that's very cool. i'd love to have them all too. mine are in a drawer.

  3. Ohhhhhh I did not know about these! How AWESOME!!!!!!!

  4. I didn't know about them before, but now I do. Thank you, Connie! :)

  5. I have to update my charts. Thanks for the link Connie! The leaves look great stamped in color!

  6. Amiga,estou tentando ter uma coleção de carimbeiras cute como essas suas,Boa semana Connie.Beijo.Valéria.(Brasil).

  7. That is the sneaky thing about these charts, we want to fill in all of the colours, lol.
    they just need to be complete ;)

  8. I did know about it and printed off charts a long time ago. Then when they were half updated I lost them. Thanks for the reminder.


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