Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Try It Tuesday~ Idea, with an old Polaroid camera.

Hi guys! I have something super cool to show, well it is to me 
and I love the story that came with it even more~

My mom handed me this but in the box and asked me if I would be interested in this.
She said my grandpa bought it in 1958 and gave it to my grandma for Christmas that year~ I never even  opened the box, I just said yes!!!
My grand girls~a selfie at Disney:)
Makes a GREAT photo display piece~don't you think?

She continued with the story~
The camera had not been used very much because the film and film developer (solution) was expensive, too expensive for my grandparents to be snapping tons of pictures.  After you took a picture, you pulled it out and put the solution over the picture.~ if you failed to use the solution the photo would go black. 
I can see my grandpa, so proud, to own the latest, greatest camera of the day.  The inside of the camera was in very good condition~the leather was not cracked or damaged:)
When it was put up a film cartridge was left inside:):)  I pulled it out and it crumbled:)

I found out more information by using Google~
This camera ,on Ebay, sells for about $40, if you have the leather case it came with ( sold separately), about $100.  It doesn't matter to me the monetary value, but I adore having a piece of family history!!
 A family treasure, as my son says:)
I have one photo that was taken with this camera and it had to be restored because the quality was so bad.  The photo had already started to fade really bad.

My dad and his girls~ sis and me!!!!
Thanks for stopping by~
See ya soon~
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  1. Priceless, especially the photo of your Dad and the girls. Some of Bob's best color photos were with a Polaroid. (a little later model) My Dad had one from this era and the images fade away. I remember Christmas Day photos in the 50s and Dad rolling a coating on the photos after taking them out of the camera and the smell:) Like your display.

  2. Wow!!! What a treasure!! I loveeeeeeeee it!!!!!

  3. That is absolutely soooo cool. How cutting edge to of your grandparents. That'll be a really neat piece in your room - and what a story. I'll be looking for the s/b page :)

  4. What a wonderful piece of family history. I love the vintage photo...what a treasure!! :) Evie

  5. How awesome! I just bought my first land camera from the JBS Mercantile Flea market.It's a cool decoration to have, though I am hoping to refurbish mine to work.

  6. I think it depends on the model of the land camera. You can google it or try this link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Resurrect-a-Polaroid-Land-Camera/

    I plan to make an attempt. At the worst, I will have a cool decoration.

    The Impossible project sells some of the films.Though I am not sure about the one for your camera. https://www.the-impossible-project.com/

  7. What a precious gift this is. I love the way you're displaying the adorable picture of your granddaughters. A family treasure indeed!

  8. All of this is really cool but I especially love the pic of your Dad and you and Cindy. Priceless!


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