Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Try It Tuesday ~ junkin' at Moms!!!

Hi guys!
I have some junkin' treasures to share with you for Try It Tuesday (you should try junkin':):)
These are Hyde family treasures ~ we are easy to please.  Just has to be, adorable or super cute and we have to have it:).
Here is what I got to bring home from my moms~

Super cute~ the cow will make a cute pin cushion and the chicken ( I had given my grandmother from a vacation we took when I was a kid) ~ ugh, long time ago!!!  Tooth picks!!!

Child's tea set~ adorable!!!

A small individual syrup glass ( for lack of better description) and
 2 creamers. ~ another, super cute!!!

and more creamers ~ I know, super cute!!!!

A mustard jar ~ adorable!!!
What is your favorite?
Thanks for stopping by today~
see ya soon!!!!


  1. My favorite is the chicken you gave your grandmother. It has meaning and is practical too!

  2. OH WOW!! What cool finds. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. The syrup glass and creamers are my favorites, but even more I so look forward to seeing what you do with all of your finds. :)


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