Friday, May 23, 2014

Stamp Carving~ the "6" !!

Hi guys!!!
Here is the other stamp that I carved~
**** the 6****

I mounted it on a wood block and added a fancy glass knob.  I love how it stamped, kinda of messy, with the edges catching ink.
The other day I was scrapbooking and wanted the hash tag symbol~no where in all of my"stuff" did I have one, so I carved one.  It is really two stamps in one, with or with out the label border:):)

Fits really good in my hand:):)  
Below are a couple of pictures how I attached the rubber.

This is what I used~

I glued the rubber to mounting foam and then glued it to the block.
I used 3and1 by Beacon and then wrapped a rubber band around it and let it dry.
Then I attached the knob.  The hardest part was waiting to try it out.

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  1. Oh, that stamp deserves a beautiful knob! I also love "messy" stamps :)

  2. Those are just so fun!! LOVING the #!!!!!

  3. You are doing beautiful carvings. I love your new stamp! Not only does it make a great's so pretty! The handle is fabulous!

  4. Fun! I love it stamped on the tag too!

  5. ooooo loveit. you make it look easy. love the handle.


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