Friday, March 15, 2013

5 ways to use mini pattern papers~!!

My exciting news is out of the bag~I'm guesting over on ~

Would {{{{love}}}}} for you to stop in and see how I used mini pattern papers 5 different ways!!!!
So many creative ways these papers can be used!!!
Thanks for stopping by today~


  1. wow Connie you are amazing.. so many fun and creative ideas.. I love it

  2. Seems to be forever since I popped in to visit- hope your doing well sweetie?
    Fabulous sweetie!

  3. EEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!! SO exciting! Off to see!!

  4. This was great Connie! Loved the article!

  5. Luv your layouts.

    Could you provide a link to the Wendy Vecchi Journal Stamp?

    Mille grazie.

  6. @ Tagati this is an older set . here is the link it is the second set.

    Just Sew Artsy



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