Saturday, December 1, 2012

Looking out my window~

Yesterday, while working in my studio, I looked out my windows and saw this beautiful Cardinal feasting on the red berries.  Needless to say, I ran for the camera.  I was snapping through a window, so it is not as clear as I would have liked,  but still love it.
Just love them!!!! Reminds me of winter but heck where is winter.  We haven't felt it yet!!! Have a great weekend~ I'll be over at D's Paper Studio for the 1st day of the Twelve days Of Christmas!!!
and ScrapStreet's last issue is out tomorrow, Whoot!! Can't wait to see it but sad that it is their last issue!!


  1. Ohhh, gorgeous! I needed a little lighthearted distraction tonight...bit tired from Xmas shopping and making these lovely Xmas cards. Nearly done and just needed a laittle pick me up to keep going. Your grogeous bird did that.

    Thanks for the update on the 12 day of Xmas...just popped over and entered my name!

  2. Beautiful photo! I'm glad you captured such a precious moment.

    I'm sorry Scrap Street's last issue is here...but I'm glad for all that you contributed to it and the craftiness you brought others though the magazine.

  3. oooo that's a picture perfect photo!!! great catch!

  4. Such a great catch, Connie! One of my sisters says that cardinals make her feel my mom's presence. :) It's her "sign".

  5. Gorgeous! We don't see Cardinals here in central Alberta too often although we have Blue Jays by the dozen. Love to see the Blue Jays, and in the spring we get the Orioles flying through and cleaning last year's berries off the Mountain Ash trees. Such a glorious site! Dozens of them on one tree singing to each other and gorging themselves!


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