Friday, October 5, 2012

Junkin' time~is a good time!!!!

Hi everyone~I managed a quick junkin' trip a few days ago.  I went to some stores that had been told to me but I hadn't made it there yet.  I found these 5's for my five wall.  The one on the L being an old house number or mail box number and the one on the R is a brass stencil.  The spool is white thread and it was only $5 so it came  home with me too.

These are printer's blocks ~ one wood and the other metal.  The store had boxes of them but I didn't like the prices:(!!!

I was so excited to find these.  I got them home and they are missing 7 letters~ ugh!!!  Lesson learned~keep it contained {excitement inside} until you make sure all the parts are there. :):):) Paid way to much!!! Don't ask me either { I mean how much I paid}:):):)

These look so 1950's to me.  I can only wonder what they were used for. If anyone knows something about them, I would love to hear from you.  I thought they were so colorful and unique!!!
See ya soon~


  1. Good to see that your #5 was part of the package. Love the way you displayed them on the old thread.

  2. Great finds and additions to your 5 collection!

  3. oh boy, it's a good thing I don't go into thrift stores any more or I would be a hoarder, I just know it. Look at those great things you got!

  4. how fun! great finds, Connie! love your newest "5" additions to your collection!

  5. Great finds!!!!! And I wonder what those last ones are used for??? They look pretty cool!!!!!

  6. great finds...sometimes the prices on some of this stuff can be brutal especially when you have your heart set on it. i found a small bag of printers blocks a few months ago and the cost was outrages. my heart broke, but I'm still great finds Connie

  7. I always love your junking finds!! So cool!


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