Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Try It Tuesday~make an apron

I had the my "grands" for a few days and we decided to get crafty.  This week I will be sharing our "crafty goodies" with you.  Today is the apron they helped decorate for me. I love it and will enjoy crafting in it~

The first thing I had them do was write their name on it with a sharpie.  They are a creative bunch so hearts were added also!!! 

Next were the hand prints they had a blast getting their hands painted.  They laughed and said it tickled!!

I have two more cuties to add ~ so I left room for their hand prints.  I will do the other two with blue paint.  I used acrylic paint by Making Memories.  I splattered  the apron using an old tooth brush~worked great!!!
You can find the tutorial on making the Gluber flowers here:

Here is a close up of the cute little hands!!  I will be showing more crafts all the this week so I will see ya soon!!! Thanks for stopping by~


  1. That apron is just too much fun!!!! Love love love it!

  2. A memory apron! I know you are having a grand time with them crafting.

  3. Sue Althouse has left a new comment on your post "Ready, Set, Create August issue is ready~":

    These look so gorgeous on your blog, I can only imagine how wonderful they are in person!


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