Monday, March 9, 2009

Stain glass project

Our good friend, Darryl, came to visit last week and we decided to re-do two stain glass windows in our home. Darryl just happen to bring all his tools so it wasn't to hard to talk us into this four day project. We started by taking the windows out and taking them apart and washing the glass. That was the easy part. Randy made the frames, to hold the glass in while it was being constructed back. This is one window completed-one more to go.
Here they are pulling the camin ( that holds the glass together). It is lead. Not sure why you pull it but it stretches it and makes it easier to fit the glass shapes in it. This was a time consuming job. We grinded pieces of glass down to help give the glass pieces a better fit in the frame.

Here they are fitting the pieces together. After deciding on the new pattern-we cut and grinded glass. Randy and I learned so much from Darryl. The first window took some time-more than we thought. But the second one went together really fast. The windows look great!!! and we both are so happy with them. TY Darryl!!!


  1. Darryl and his helper elves did a great job!

  2. Beautiful!! I always admire that kind of art.

  3. Connie, how great...I can't wait to see it.. tell Randy, I caught him working in your was bound to happen...hahaha....beautiful...thanks for sharing...


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